Saturday, September 03, 2005

Spamflagging Saturday, redux

Well now. All six spam blogs I identified and flagged last Saturday are still up; which rather confirms my suspicion that the best way to get BlogSpot spam taken down is to complain to Blogger directly about it, rather than simply flagging it.

Blogger’s filtering out of spam blogs from the “Next Blog” button seems to be effective; tonight I surfed through fifty blogs and only spotted two that were spam (links are nofollow, as usual):

I flagged ’em anyway, for the hell of it.

So, it’d seem that Blogger’s algorithms for spotting spam blogs work pretty effectively. The Blogger Buzz announcement describes them as “artificial intelligence”, which rather overstates things I think, unless Blogger is on the verge of self-awareness. Biz Stone is more realistic, using the phrase “spam-defeating algorithms” in a post which also mentions “Blogger engineers with an almost unhealthy obsession with defeating spam”.

And in the never-quite-as-bad-as-I-imagine-it department, a nice comment on my previous post from a Google insider: “They’re not going to continue to make spam blogs visible to search engines either. […] The Next Blog steps are just what were first to be released.”

OK. One step at a time. But please: keep on stepping.

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