Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving, again

My second Thanksgiving; this year a quieter affair at the in-laws.

But much more than the anniversary, Thanksgiving brings home the fact that I’ve been here a year. Now I’m experiencing things second time around; life is not as new and novel; patterns are settling in, routines becoming established. I’m integrating.

Also in its second year: treelighting. Last year we were in Danville. This year, we went to the Walnut Creek ceremony, which is smaller and quieter. And, surprisingly, has a few proper carols quietly tucked in amongst the non-denominational songbook: a real reminder of home. Although frankly, O Come All Ye Faithful really needs a bigger choir than 10 weedy highschoolers; not to mention a thunderous church organ for the third verse.

I’m beginning to realize that if I want carols at Christmas, I’m going to have to pay for them. Unless the BBC streams the Kings service on Listen Again...

On balance, the Danville treelighting was more fun. While the Walnut Creek ceremony is confined to Civic Park, the Danville ceremony takes over the entire downtown, giving it somewhat of a reclaim-the-streets vibe.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Strangely satisfying

There are few things as satisfying as the first dip of the knife into a nice new jar of Marmite. Particularly when it’s a big jar you brought out with you from the UK, rather than a tiddly jar that costs upwards of $6 locally.