Sunday, May 21, 2006

Trust the Gorton's Fisherman?

Truth in product packaging. And Gorton’s, with your advertising message exhorting me to trust you: I’m looking at you.

The dream:

Box of Gortons Beer Batter fish fillets.
Look at the size of those things!

Don’t they look good? The reality:

Same box, with a real fillet: the real product is half the size of its depiction on the box.
Oh. Look at the size of that thing.

They’re tiny. And what the photo doesn’t show is that the box is a lot bigger as it needs to be: it’s only half-full. This is not unusual for boxed frozen products here.

I don’t remember packaging in the UK being so blatantly misleading. Maybe labelling laws are less stringent here?

(To be fair to the fisherman: his teeny fillets did, however, make a pretty decent fish finger sandwich.)