Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Maybe it’s working…

…the exercise regime, that is: an average of 80 lengths in the pool every day, or a hike. Yesterday, buying shorts in Target, and for the first time in a long time: down two inches at the waist. It could be the usual vagaries of clothing sizes; but I prefer the optimistic view.

Maybe this cancels it out, though:

Limited Edition KitKat Coffee wrapper.

Oh yes: KitKats aren’t as good here (they’re Hershey chocolate, not the Nestle chocolate of the UK versions) but they still come in weird limited editions. This one I’m not quite sure about. “Artificially flavored”, says the label, but it’d be pretty easy to spot as an artificial flavour without the hint. It smells very strongly, and as soon as you tear open the wrapper, of fake coffee. But as a mixture with the chocolate, it kind of works; I think I quite like this one.

I paid 40 extra lengths in the pool for that.

Wikipedia has a long, but not (I believe) definitive list of KitKat varieties; Japan gets some really odd ones.

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