Saturday, September 25, 2004

KitKatFest 2K4

Nestlé seem unable to stop playing with KitKat variations at the moment. So in the interests of science gluttony we've been trying a few out.

Firstly, the two Chunky special editions; going for the sophisticated crowd here, with a darker chocolate and an upmarket price tag:

KitKat Chunky Seville Orange: nasty. A cross between a Jaffa Cake and a KitKat chunky: contains orangey goop. But as it's Seville orange, the orange goop is bitter and marmaladey. A bad combination, and not a repeat buy.

KitKat Chunky Rich Golden Caramel: better, but way, way too sweet. The caramel is very gooey and exceptionally sugary. As a chocolate bar, it's much too rich. I only got one bite of this one as I had to eat all the orangey one; I might try it again.

Secondly, the KitKat classic variations. Both white chocolate, and the packaging makes these appear more healthy — it's light, it's yoghurty, it must be good for you! — but as with all white chocolate this is an illusion hiding lots more sugar:

KitKat Luscious Lime: So-so. A good try, but not a wholly successful combination; there's a reason why lime doesn't often appear in chocolate products. Not good enough to make a repeat buy, especially when compared to...

KitKat White Lemon & Yoghurt: A winner. The lemon and yoghurt work well together and with the white chocolate. This manages to be at the same time very much like a KitKat (the biscuit filling) but very different (the chocolate coating). A keeper: I hope this one's around for a while.

The limey ones are new, as are the Chunky editions. The lemony ones used to be scarce around here — limited stocks in Superdrug stores. But today, Woolworths had decent stocks of all four. And a 4-for-a-quid offer on the classic versions: too good to resist.

Oddly, Nestlé seem to have very little web presence behind the brand; their KitKat website is an insubstantial bit of Flash puffery which gives little but a potted history and which makes no mention of anything outside the standard KitKat and KitKat Chunky products.

However, Snackspot hints at further intriguing variations out now and yet to come. Is there no end to this experimentation?

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