Thursday, July 14, 2005

I made this: Chocolate Tofu Mousse Pie

Our Fourth of July potluck offerings: a repeat of the successful onion dip, and another try at pie, after last time’s flop. In Amy Sherman’s potluck archetypes, this puts me somewhere between a Repeater and an Overachiever.

This one’s a recipe from the Next Food Network Star series. A somewhat disappointing show, because the network’s focus is obviously more on entertainment value than on cooking skills: an impression reinforced by the glimpses of the Food Network production processes, which pretty much reduce the cooks to script-reading presenters.

But anyway; this was an odd-sounding recipe which got high praise, mostly along the lines of “you’d never guess it was tofu”. And you wouldn’t. The tofu here serves as a neutral filler; it’s the chocolate and vanilla which make it deep and rich. It’s very, very good: highly recommended.

The recipe calls for silken firm tofu, which seems to be a contradiction of sorts. In my supermarket, regular tofu (the slightly granular type) comes in grades from soft to extra-firm; silken tofu (the smooth type) comes only in soft. I figured the smoothness was more important than the firmness and bought the silken tofu; it worked out just fine.

For future reference: pie crust. 1 cup (about 10) graham crackers, 2 tbsp sugar, ground together; ¾ stick butter, melted; mix and press into tin; bake empty at about 350F for about 10m, but keep an eye on it as it browns fast.

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