Friday, June 10, 2005

I made this: Lemon Cream Cheese Pie

Potluck at the in-laws. A good excuse to make a dessert; this time, the Top Secret Recipes version of Lemon Cream Cheese Pie.

TSR’s an old favourite of mine: it reverse-engineers brand-name restaurant dishes for home use. But their “one week only” policy for recipes is annoying; if you want to keep a recipe, make sure you save it. (Although—and you didn’t hear this from me, right?—a Google search for “Lemon Cream Cheese Pie” currently turns up an exact copy of the recipe as the first result.)

The verdict, though: not so great. More fun to make than to eat. It’s a so-so lemon curd layer on top of a so-so cheesecake layer. Not a keeper.

Notes for Brits: if you want to fit in, don’t pronounce the “ha” in Graham crackers: it’s more like “gram crackers.” The closest UK equivalent is probably the digestive biscuit. But the history of the Graham cracker is rather more interesting: Graham, like Kellog, was a sexual-purity crusader.

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