Saturday, March 26, 2005

Las Trampas, again

Back to Las Trampas, with the East Bay Casual Hikers this time. I'm starting to become a regular: now sometimes it's me that disoriented new members approach asking "are you with the East Bay group"?

A change from the usual 10am Sunday start: today we're Saturday at 1pm. I rather like the later start, but there are fewer of us today: 13, compared to last time's 25.

We take exactly the same route as Melinda and I followed last December: up the Rocky Ridge Road, along the ridge on the Upper Trail, down on the Elderberry Trail. I'm definitely fitter than last time I walked it. Today I'm able to get up to the ridge with only a few stops to catch my breath.

It's a cool hazy day, but the views are still good. And no chill winds blowing along the ridge today. A lot more comfortable than last time. The way down is still just as muddy, though.

We stop by afterwards for a treat at TCBY in San Ramon. What does TCBY stand for? "The Country's Best Yogurt", apparently, although their website gives no clues. But I think that's overstating it a little. I have a white chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt swirl. It's good, but it's not great. I've had better yogurt at Yogurt Park and, oddly, at Costco.

Categories: Hiking