Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mount Diablo Waterfall Trail

Another hike with East Bay Casual Hiking; this one is a repeat of the Donner Canyon hike Melinda and I took last December.

There were 25 of us today, a big group to set out with, although we spread out a bit on the trail. And we sat and ate lunch on an outcrop overlooking the falls, which was very nice. Again, there's not a great deal of water in the falls; but there's enough that you can often hear the sound of running water. And unlike last time, there are many, many wildflowers out.

As we're sitting eating lunch, the Berkeley Hiking Club passes us; they seem an older bunch in general, kitted out in some serious gear. A bit too formal a group for me. I do like the comic touch in their March schedule though: "Shock the tourists in Muir Woods with our hiking gear/grim expressions."

The going is a bit tricky at times; it's dry today, but there are still a lot of descents which are stony or dusty and risk a fall. I wouldn't want to hike this one in the wet.

Next Sunday is the hike from hell: 20 miles to the summit of Mount Diablo and back. I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but I'm thinking of coming along to walk halfway and back.

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