Sunday, February 05, 2006


Yes, I know. The images here have been broken for days. Not my fault.

Tips for ISPs: when you migrate to a new webmail system, try to do it without:
  1. Vanishing user’s webspace content without warning
  2. Making users migrate their content by hand from old to new systems
  3. Changing the URLs on the new system so no old links work any more.
I’m looking at you here, Astound Broadband. Poor show.

So, images in old posts will be coming back online gradually, as and when I get around to editing the posts with the new image URLs.

On the upside, though: it was nice to see that things really did degrade gracefully when all the scripts went missing. (For those that are counting, the following are scripted effects: category, citation, and info links; inline comments; linkblog items; reverse-chronological archives; and smart quotes and other typographical niceties in titles, posts, and comments.)


Yes, I'm none to happy with the switchover to the "new" format of our Astound URLs. I had 4 sites that are all now changed:
Personal Webpages
Puzzle Blog
Family Blog
Movie Blog

Not only did I have to change all the internal references and cross links, but I also had to contact several other sites to have them fix their links. And none of the search engines have my sites anymore! I'm upset.

BTW, very nice pictures of Mt. Diablo!