Friday, September 23, 2005

Night Walk Reloaded

Another day, another hike. Why so many hikes right now—three in three days? Well, Melinda’s visiting her sister in Philadelphia, which leaves me at a loose end and gives me an opportunity to get some longer hikes in. And also, I seem to have hurt my left shoulder slightly, which means less swimming and more hiking for a while.

Tonight’s hike is a rerun of the night walk of some two weeks ago, and again is led by Paul. A slightly different route this time, and a distraction: this week is the Walnut Festival, which means that Heather Farm is home to what would, in Britain, be called a fair, and here is probably a carnival. Rides; food; games; music; and so forth.

We wander up through the gardens; tonight, the fountains are lit. Paul tells us he rang the Recreation Division to ask that they be turned on earlier; the summer setting of 8:30pm is too late for twilight in fall.

And now the change. While last time we followed the trail through Diablo Hills Golf Course and onwards, tonight we walk up the golf course to one of Paul’s favourite lookout points; a hill topped by a rocky ridgeline, which I’m fairly sure is the tail end of Lime Ridge. Great views out towards Mount Diablo from here.

Satellite view and route through Diablo Hills Golf Course to the lookout point.

We head back through the park and home; again parting ways at the Iron Horse trail crossing, where I head off southwards into the dark towards Walnut Creek.

A shorter, easier walk than last time, but still: including my stretch there and back from Walnut Creek, about 7½ miles in 2½ hours.

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