Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hot days are here for good

It could be a while before the heat breaks. Here’s today’s forecast, from my Bloglines feed.

Walnut Creek, CA: 96°, 96°, 94°, 91°, 92°, &96° 93°.
Hot day survival guide: shorts, sandals, sunblock, and a hat.

The air conditioning at Walnut Creek library is ancient, but adequate. Andronico’s has decent air-con and, if you’re lucky, samples. (Today we hit the jackpot: samples of their dollar-a-pop cookies.) Cost Plus and Safeway have both really good air-con and nice cold water fountains. (If you’re really desperate, pretend to comparison-shop the frozen food aisles, taking the opportunity to lean right into the freezer cabinets.)

The pool is in full blazing sun for most of the day, but is shaded enough to swim laps until about 11:30am and from about 6:30pm. And the management office casts a sneaky corner of shade from about 5pm, which is handy if you want a quick cooling-off dip without burning under the sun.