Saturday, June 25, 2005

Misguided adverts, redux

From Quiznos’ current TV advert, this shot of the Angus Double Steak and Cheese sandwich:

Quiznos advert: shot of gravied steak and cheese on a sub roll.

The look they’re going for: Juicy steak sub.
The look they achieved: Meaty chunks in gravy: dogfood on a bap.

But then again, I’m not a fan of Quiznos’ whole “Baby Bob” campaign. Talking animals: cute-to-tolerable. Talking babies: creepy. And this advert—talking gruff-voiced baby leering at an adult woman—is even creepier. (The “adult mind in a baby’s body” theme is, of course, a steal from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)

Carl’s Jr. took the “talking babies” theme a little further earlier this year: talking unborn babies? Very creepy. And does not make me feel like a Six Dollar Burger.