Monday, June 13, 2005

Hot hot hot

One of the hottest days so far: 93°F, according to the sign outside Bank of Walnut Creek. That's 32.8°C, to Europeans and scientists, although I have to get used to thinking in Fahrenheit; nobody here uses Celsius. (Similarly, gas is always in gallons; icecream in pints and quarts; liquids in fluid ounces; dry goods in ounces and pounds.)

And as if to protest, the PC went into thermal shutdown. I know how it feels. Tip for Shuttle owners: although the heatpipe doohickey conducts heat away from the CPU very well, it's wasted if you allow the heatsink to get dusty. The main fan blows through the vanes of the heatsink; clogging it up with dust obstructs the airflow and impedes cooling. A quick disassembly and cleaning and all is well.