Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blogger feeds are screwy

My Atom feed is broken; I’m blaming Blogger.

I’m set to produce full-content feeds, but at the moment my feed’s looking rather slimmer than it should. Recent articles:

So I’m a sucker for whizzy visualisations
Here melinda from 41090 to 2437. Every name I tried shows the same order-of-magnitude increase. People are more interested in themselves than the world at large is.

Butchering the chicken
Biting the bullet: whole chickens are ridiculously cheap this week (59 maybe some apple or mango, and a sour cream or mayo-based dressing) and enchiladas. The next one should be perfect.

On tea
Neil Gaiman grumbles about America Jack in the Box restaurants.

Amusing, but not terribly useful for anyone reading in an aggregator. Blogger Status has nothing to say; I’ve sent a message to Blogger Support. I notice the Site Feed options has grown an AdSense-for-Feeds related field; could be some Blogger work-in-progress?

[Update: Blogger Status says “fixed within the next hour”. Although that was an hour and a half ago and it isn’t fixed yet… First rule of estimating: estimate long and deliver short. It's always better to exceed expectations.] [Update 2: Fixed.]

Sorry for the inconvenience.