Monday, June 20, 2005


Americans, unless they’re skilled and expertly-coached actors, do not do convincing British accents.

So, a note to Dave Winer: British people do not talk remotely like this:

Still twawkin wak a Bwitesh wanka.
or this:

I don’t feel that bad about being a Yank tawkin lawk a Bwit.
Sorry, but no. You’re talking like a cross between Elmer Fudd and Eliza Doolittle. And frankly, us Brits find it a little bit annoying. Mind you, annoying Brits may be on Dave’s agenda anyway, given his ongoing sniping at Ben Hammersley

And Americans are not good at distinguishing the various British accents—not, of course, that Brits are any good at distinguishing all but the most heavily stereotyped of American accents. I was told while waiting in line at See’s that I “sound just like Prince William”. Well, not really: my Essex childhood makes my accent more estuary, less RP.

I’m not quite sure I like being compared to the misguided toff. But hey, it was a compliment; I smiled and said thank you.