Sunday, April 10, 2005

In time, search engines will look even more alike

Google (currently sporting a National Library Week logo):

Screenshot of Google.

...and Yahoo! Search (with a tip of the hat to Mark Jen for the pointer):

Screenshot of Yahoo! Search.


You know, for all the fighting you do with Scoble, you could still learn something from him.

Where's your RSS dohicky? You know, that little orange thingamabob? Yeah, that thing!

Or even a little "Subscribe" or "Syndicate" or whatever. Where izzit?

I'd love to add you to my RSS reader -- you seem witty, intelligent, and you've got the ear of The Great And Magnificent Scoble(tm) -- but I can't find your RSS tagger-thingie.

C'mon, Blogger will do it for you!
Where's your RSS dohicky?

In my <meta> tags, where it belongs. Where's your aggregator's autodiscovery doohickey?

If you really must do it the old-fashioned way: Subscribe.