Friday, April 01, 2005


Another hard drive bites the dust. Won't boot; chkdsk takes 2 hours to get to 50% before declaring it unrepairable; format takes 12 hours to get to 12%. Sounds shot to me.

11.5 months, this one lasted; not good enough, Maxtor. Now I have to work out how to run their diagnostic tool so I can claim under the remaining 2 weeks of warranty. Boot-from-floppy's not much use if, like me, you no longer have a floppy drive. I suspect it's time to bite the bullet and get a CD writer.

Nice deal at Frys on an 80G Western Digital, though: $90 with $50 of rebates.


I can recommend the Samsung Spinpoint drives - very quiet indeed and don't seem to run as hot as Maxtor drives.

Suggest it is worth investing in a DVD writer than a CD writer these days - they are sooo cheap.