Monday, April 11, 2005

Close, but no...

Blogger Buzz: No More Lost Posts!

If my browser crashes while writing this post I will be so...

You will be so what? Frustrated? Wrong! You won't care because all you need to do is start it up again and click "Recover post."
Nice try, but a bit slippery. The typical problem with Blogger is not "my browser crashing while I'm writing"; it's "your servers burping after I've pressed Publish Post". Don't worry about my browser; fix your backend. And try not to trip over your own toes:

We noticed a bug in the wee hours of the night that could annoy some users so we've temporarily disabled the recover post feature.
At least this Blogger Status posting acknowleges the irony of the issue it's reporting:

We've discovered a problem with the page people use to report problems.