Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ads and words

Something I've noticed recently in car adverts: "available" as a euphemism for "optional". A bit of Googling suggests it's also getting picked up by the motoring press. Here's a couple of examples:
"Available" here really means "on some vehicles in the range". It's a slightly sneaky way of making the entire range sound good, by touting the attributes of the top-of-the-range model.

And as a general note: TV advertising here is both less and more sophisticated than it is in the UK. Less, in that there are no subtle adverts here and very few with any wit. And more, in that the boundaries between programming and advertising are far more blurred here. It's safe to assume that any product shown distinctly in a show is a paid placement: those red Coke cups in front on the American Idol judges did not get there by accident.