Monday, March 28, 2005

I made this: Pistachio Cake

This pistachio cake was very good.

I didn't bother with the odd-sized tin the recipe recommends; I used a 9"x5" loaf tin. And I didn't bother lining the tin after I greased it; there's plenty of butter in the cake mix, and it released easily from my non-stick tin.

I substituted 2 tsp natural vanilla extract for the vanilla bean. And I mixed it all in the food processor: first grind the nuts and reserve. Then cream the butter and sugar; add the eggs one by one; add the lemon zest and vanilla; add the nuts and flour; pour out into the tin.

It took a shade over 60 minutes to bake in my oven, and be careful: for me it went from wobbly-in-the-middle unset to slightly-too-browned-on-the-edges set very quickly. Maybe the slightly shallower tin the recipe recommends would avoid this.

If you're using raw pistachios, toast the nuts for the topping. And I doubled up the lemon juice and sugar for the glaze to use up the naked lemon left over from the cake.

I was very pleased with this: it's moist, very nutty, and has a good hit of lemon from the glaze. And it came out just like the picture.


english muffins are meant to be muffins.
texas doesn't exist. just stop looking. turn away, everything will be fine. it will!

we call chickpeas chickpeas.
Ah, a drive-by commenting.

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Glad it turned out well. I think I may have toasted the pistachios as well. Good idea.