Sunday, February 20, 2005

Back to Tilden

Another hike in Tilden, this time with a group: my first hike with Bay Area Casual Hikers. They're a local group who seem to hike a lot around the Walnut Creek area; laid-back and friendly.

Today's hike was a straight 8 mile out-and-back along the paved Nimitz Way; starting at 10am and hoping to avoid the threatened rainstorms forming off the coast. And it worked: not only did the rain hold off, but it was clear enough to get some good views over San Francisco.

(I'm still at the stage where a view of the Golden Gate Bridge is a novelty; and there are plenty of great views around, including one downhill stretch of Highway 24, just after the Caldecott Tunnel, which has near-panoramic views over Oakland, Emeryville and Berkeley, and across the Bay to the city. Not the sort of view you used to get from the M4...)

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to walk and chat; I'm hoping to get out with them again next time they hike.

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hey James, We chatted on this hike. I stumbled across your blog and just saying hi.