Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas lights

Yes, it's true: Americans do go nuts over decorating for Christmas. Not all of them, but a large proportion of houses have some sort of outdoors decoration. Most decorate the house and/or garden with lights; some have illuminated or inflatable figures outside. As always with Christmas here, themes tend to be secular rather than spiritual: lots of deer, Santa Clauses, a smattering of Grinches, but not many Nativities.

And there are clusters of houses which go all-out, either in competion or as a community activity. The lights in Vista San Ramon are the most impressive locally; very busy before Christmas, particularly on December 18th when they light the streets with luminaries, but we went on the Tuesday after Christmas and had the streets pretty much to ourselves.


Hi Jimbo... believe it or not, the UK is catching up on the light displays front. The place down the road is dripping in lights, lawn santas and reindeer etc. I think the planes going to Heathrow use it as a marker on the way in!

Not quite reached fever pitch but quite a few village families have gotten poison pen letters from the more "conservative" residents, so even the simplest string of lights.

Happy Holidays, and Happy new year,