Thursday, November 04, 2004


A letter from USCIS: I have been assigned an INS A-Number (I assume A for alien, although my ex-colleagues might have other suggestions) and should receive my green card within the next three weeks.

Which is odd, because my impression was that it could take up to a year and that you shouldn't start to worry until about nine months in. I'm not complaining though...

No SSN yet though.


Does the acknowledgement form come a pad with perforated leaves?

Were you ripped a new A (number)?
Homer: Hey, everybody! Lets hear it for Bart!
Bart: [meekly] Give me a B?
Nelson: I won't give you a B but I'll tear you a new A!
I always though SSNs were too large to deliver via the mail. Maybe I've been reading too much Clancy.