Wednesday, November 03, 2004

American TV sucks

I knew it'd be bad; but it's really, really bad.

Ad breaks every 5 minutes. Whole channels of filler. Repeats as the rule, rather than the exception. (In UK TV listings, repeats are identified with an (R); in US TV listings, you can assume everything's a repeat unless it's specially identified with an (N) for new episode.) And syndication means that the same old shows are repeated across multiple channels.

It's dumbed-down to schoolchild level; nothing is challenging or intellectually exciting. It's opinionated and biased beyond all belief. It's censored to a suprising degree. And it's hugely insular; the world outside the US, Iraq aside, simply might as well not exist.

Awful, just awful.


American tv is super bias.
If you were to look at tv in the usa you'd think just white people live in the country.
If you happen to come upon a tv show that has Asians/Blacks Hispanics and other cultural backgrounds its totally made for the white american market.

Its all very insulting and stereotyped.

I'm African/Asian there is nothing for me and my kind in America.
Neither Eudcation nor Entertainment.

its all very sad
Yeah, American television suck so bad its ridiculous. Tons of stupid reruns and shows thats never ending filled with stupid reality TV and game shows . The writer's strike was pure crap for them to be demanding money for all the crap they release is even more non sense.
Yup, US TV is at the level of a schoolchild. Just look at the first comment. The good news is that it will all end soon.......Losers
Yes, its a sorry state of Slapstick comedy rerun and celeb updates with some bogus reality slop served on the side... You get 5 min of programs and 40 min of ads even on pay channels but those poor broadcasters are not making any money...

Why did I pay less than £40 a month in UK for SKY with less ad's and pay $125 here for this rubbish

PS I'm an American who lived in UK

I miss SKY even the remote was better!