Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Snots, two different ones

TV Licencing: if you ring them and need to talk to them in person -- and if you want to cancel a licence and get a refund on the unused months, you have to; their website doesn't cover this case -- and they're busy, they don't put you in a queue. Oh no. They hang up on you.

How rude. "Our time is more valuable than yours; but feel free to try your luck again later."

Grumpy old men would do well to remember that before the torture of music on hold, there was the tyranny of the engaged tone.

Airlines: if you need to buy a one-way ticket, they feel quite free to bend you over the barrel for it. They're never cheaper than returns. And you never get the same choice of routes. Direct returns are relatively cheap; but if you want to fly one-way, you'll have to pay either 50% more for an indirect flight, or 250% more for a one-way seat on the direct flight.

A 4-and-a-half hour stopover in Houston, TX it is then. Hopefully that's long enough for DHS to do all they need or want to do with me...