Saturday, September 25, 2004

Deslammed, not destressed

Week of training: done. And I'm sure that while it was hard work for me to present in a structured, coherent way for five days, it was much harder work for the delegates: they had to absorb 5+ years of information and experience in 5 days and in a foreign language.

As predicted, I ran out of slides at about day 1.5 and from there it was a lot of standing, talking, drawing diagrams, and pulling up code and documents on the projector.

I also had a bit of help from colleages on Thursday and Friday; it's really nice to be able to sit back and let someone else do the talking for a while. Particularly when they do a great job of it: it's a joy to watch someone doing a confident, rigorous, and enthusiastic presentation. (Yes Karl, I mean you.)

Still stressed, though: the flat sale was due to exchange on Tuesday but didn't. Last minute complications. We're still on, but still waiting for "any day now".

Visa interview next Thursday: so a final check over all the documents this weekend, and we'll be ready to go.