Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Adventures In Moving, eh?

Well, Blogger wanted a blog title, and this was the best I could do on the spur of the moment.

I'm emigrating from the UK to the USA, which should be adventurous, and probably will be soon; but right now, it's more adventures in waiting.

Current status:

Flat sale: Slowly, so slowly, moving towards exchange.

Visa: Ready for interview. Almost all the dull paperwork and preparation is done. But the US Embassy does not move fast. They call you for interview when they're ready for you; but until then, they won't tell you anything about when that might be. They'll quite happily take £1.30 a minute off you to tell you by phone that they can't tell you anything, though...

Job: A little bit fiddly: how do you give notice if you know you're leaving but don't really know when? I haven't formally given my 3 months notice, but I have had an informal chat with HR to start the process: "it's always negotiable".

So, at the moment we're in limbo: we can't do much planning on moving out of the flat as we don't know when completion date is; and we can't do much planning on moving to the US as we don't know when I'll get the visa. Melinda's itching to fly to the US to get things started there, but can't yet in case the sale of the flat falls through and we have to start all over again.

I feel very powerless, but at the same time quite nervous of the work that is to come when things do start to happen...

Also, I fear I've run out of things to procrastinate with: it's time to write my CV. Or resume, as I must now get used to calling it.